Why and How Trump Will Win

By Eric G. Weiner

Many people who are appalled by the spectre of the re-election of Donald Trump and his gang are hoping for a Biden landslide. They see this as a remedy for an election Trump has been carefully discrediting for months. The very fact that so many people think only a landslide can decide a Biden victory is a sign of how well Trump has succeeded in tainting the election process.

Lets leave aside the Republican party’s gerrymandering, removal of voting stations in Democratic and ethnic areas, denouncing mail-in voting as a “Democratic Fraud”, asking the Proud Boys and other right wing groups to “stand by” and “monitor the polls” so they may intimidate and turn away voters, and the numerous other strategies they are employing to rig the election. Let us assume that despite all this, Biden miraculously, wins by a landslide. What then?

Trump will immediately declare the election a fraud. After all, “ everyone knows”, that “everyone loves Donald Trump”. He would immediately declare that any landslide result is patently fake. The chaos that ensues will be resolved in one of two ways. State legislatures will be legally convened to provide new electors. The majority of legislatures are Republican. Given the record of high-minded responsibility and independence shown by Republicans over the last 3 years can we have any doubts about the outcome? The second possibility is that the outcome of the election will be sent to The Supreme Court to decide. Wondering why the haste to rush the new Supreme Court Justice into place? Here is the answer. There is no remedy for this situation. There are no Constitutional checks and balances to intervene or prevent this. Trump will be declared the legal winner.

Here is yet another scenario, despite all the tactics to rig the election, early results begin to show a Trump defeat. The Proud Boys and other right wing thugs move in and a number of people are killed and/or badly wounded in violent actions near the polling booths. Trump steps in and magnanimously states that this is a “terrible shame” (no doubt instigated by leftists), and in the interests of fairness and democracy, he must intervene. After all, even the Democrats deserve a fair chance to have their voices heard and be respected. Therefore to preserve the democratic process the present vote is declared invalid due to the unprecedented violence — which would specifically hurt the voting and turn out of democrats — he in his great generosity, and abiding concern for fairness, will move the decision to either of the two methods described above to preserve the sanctity of the voting process and preserve the greatness of America.

Wishful thinking is not going to keep us from a Fascist United States. Do get out there and vote. But do not for one moment think this will be enough. The time is now upon us. Will we wallow in denial and allow the new Nazis to take power; or will we fight?

Was a psychotherapist, photographer, would-be writer for many years; musician/songwriter for very few years. Also a committed long-time vegan.