Secret Brief From Steve Bannon to Donald Trump (?)

Submitted by Eric G. Weiner

Contributor’s note:

Recently I have written about what seems a clear fascist trend in the United States. This may explain why the astounding text below appeared in my rural mailbox two days ago. Perhaps residing in Canada has something to do with it. My lack of wide readership makes me a baffling choice. I assume writers with larger readership were also sent copies that will surface soon. An accompanying note said the text was acquired from “ a primary source”. I have burnt the original (anonymous) note, text, and unstamped envelope to protect the sender (and myself), which seemed prudent in these troubled times — especially so if this proves an authentic document. It is dated November 2016, two months before the Trump inauguration. (E.W.)


The Road Ahead

Dear Donald,

I won’t be back till Tuesday eve, but wanted to provide you this précis you asked for ASAP. I will provide greater detail in person but here is the gist. You will go down in history as the most significant change agent of the 21st Century. (keep this absolutely secure).

Bekah and Bob send their love and support.

So here is a quick review of the groundwork laid, the proven precedents, and the path forward.

Groundwork: Much credit to the Koch bros (alas), for Heritage and Cato Institutes, forging a generation of lawyers, judges, pols and policy wonks to prepare initial conditions. Credit them also for the Tea Party which got the ball really rolling and beat the shit out of the old Republicans. These are now cowed, and will cooperate fully. Any who balk will soon be gone.

The Bush/Cheney admin — 911 to derail growing media election scrutiny, the Patriot Act, legitimizing extra-legal procedures, suspending due process (Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib) and especially, the creation of “The Homeland” with its associations that communicate so much to so many.

More valuable still, was “Homeland Security” which will be central.

By the way, Bush will frequently denounce you. This is very useful. It shows we are the “New Guard” and distinguishes us from the “Old School” establishment republicans — do not take it personally, it is working for us.

Our Slogans -While you are free to say whatever you like, our slogans are very carefully designed; “America First”, like “Homeland”, “The Patriot Act”, and “Make America Great Again” contain key associations and potent historical impact. Use them repeatedly and often!

The skeleton is in place, now we build the muscle.

I know you like to speak spontaneously and are very skilled at it, may these notes inspire and help you navigate.

We have a well worn, proven path, used many times in other countries; now we use it here. Fear not, we have near unlimited resources and our timing will be carefully calibrated.


Hurt Pride — Like Germany in the 30’s, America’s sense of self is wounded. China is moving up, average citizen’s buying power has gone down, and minority groups are seen as on the rise re success and perceived power. They are resented. More importantly they can be depicted as scary. The “Real American” can be persuaded to view them as a threat to their “Homeland”, their jobs, and their masculinity! Downtrodden people — especially men — hunger for reasons to feel superior!

Redirection — Hitler had the communists and the International Jews, we have minorities/ immigrants internally, and China externally. All can be blamed for the dismal state of the American middle and lower class and despised accordingly. Having a clear enemy outside, and a clear enemy inside, is always a successful strategy with demoralized, unhappy people. These “unhappy people” are “our” people — they are the junk food people, the “white trash”, the super ardent “patriots”, the southern ‘rebels’ and white nationalists— get them to love you — even more than they already do. You are a hero to so many of them. The Birther thing was a great prelude and obviously didn’t hurt you one bit. And always keep in mind: people don’t need real power; they just need to feel they are part of a movement that has power over others.

Also note; you never need the backing of the majority, just a scary, fervid minority made into a coherent force.

The majority are sheep who will always fall into line, being divided, disbelieving, and frightened. This has been proven again and again.

Fear, and its brother, Denial, are our greatest allies.

Always Keep Things Moving — It doesn’t really matter what you do or say as long as you are always front and center in people’s minds. Dominate the airwaves and press; the more outrageous the better! As in business –“all publicity is good publicity.”

We want to keep the opposition always off balance with too many targets, shifting too often, to hit. We will get people used to radical un-confrontable change.

We want you in front of the public’s eyes and ears every single day! Think of a constant artillery barrage. The media and any resistance will be stunned into paralysis. Here is a great quote, burn it into your mind:

Germans were kept in a state of constant change — “What happened here was the gradual habituation of the people, little by little, to being governed by surprise. The Nazi dictatorship … kept people “so busy with continuous changes and ‘crises’ and so fascinated…by the machinations of the ‘national enemies’ without and within, that we had no time to think about these dreadful things that were growing, little by little, all around us.” [from interviews with average Germans after WWII conducted by Milton Mayer]

Criminalize the Opposition — We want to ready people for when the time is right. This was, and is, the whole point of “Lock her up, Lock her up”. Allude to “Possible criminal activities”.

Don’t make definitive statementsthese can be disproven or lead to libel action; but: You can say anything if you couch it in: “some people say”, or “I have heard it discussed”, “Many people think…”, “It might be true that…” etc.

Using these prefaces let’s you say whatever you like — you’re not stating anything as fact, just possibilities. You are not misleading, just speculating, just recounting what “others” have said.

Plant Seeds — Slowly begin planting seeds that our opponents in government, the press, and politics, “might be” part of a leftist or anarchic conspiracy. We will eventually be able to show proofs that justify action, but the foundation has to be laid gradually over the next few years. We will work on a timetable and adjust accordingly.

“Law and Order”- Our people are those who love to wave flags and align themselves with sources of power like the military and the police. They then become the conquering “Good Guys” and everyone else, “The Bad” losers. We must be seen as the guardians against decay and degeneration so that they can see themselves that way too.

Disaffected young white men — They are angry and want an outlet for that anger which we will provide. They want to live out their fantasies of power. They want to play cowboys, soldiers and police. They want to carry weapons and scare people. Most of all they want power. Cater to it. The militias have been building for years, they are well armed and relatively well trained, they yearn for action. They are our most potent tools. We will continue to build liasons and work out communications. We will use them very slowly and carefully at first, but they will be unleashed at the right time!

Always Praise the Police and Especially Members of Homeland Security as well as customs officers, coast guard, the military; also homegrown militias and vigilante groups (These will be our “truest patriots” but go slow on these last two). Most of these groups overlap and are mutually sympathetic. We will need them as key allies and enforcers. Praising these groups accomplishes two objectives: It cements their loyalty, and, it provides these groups with greater and greater prestige, membership, legitimacy, and therefore, power. Never forget the essential role the brown and black shirts (used at the right times) had in Mussolini and Hitler’s rise as well as the “special squads” in South America. We have learnt from the masters, and shall outperform them.

Use Outrageous Stories — Our people love these; the more lurid the better, and even better than that, the press and media love them — it earns them more followers! The media will be working for us even as it thinks it is working against us.

As we have proven, lurid stories such as PizzaGate are especially effective on the Internet. We have great resources there. Keep using Twitter and keep the outrages coming. The Nazis had the “Blood Libel” (who dares defend a child molester?), and the always-effective Protocols of Zion. We have, and will create, a multitude of equally nasty stories our core will cherish, and more and more people will come to believe.

You don’t want to be front man here, just bring them to the fore by floating them as “possibilities”, “I have heard people say…”, etc. We will do the rest.

Breaking down the shared fabric of ideas and commonly held beliefs is a central goal and key strategy!

Images to Maintain - We represent safety, we are the defenders of freedom and the American Way, We are the Patriots, We are the godly ones. They are traitors, atheists, and the enemies of democracy, God, and America.

Americans Worship Fame — This is something you have always used well. This is just a reminder. Every article written about us makes us more famous!

It doesn’t matter if it is negative or false! The left doesn’t understand this. Content doesn’t matter! Just make headlines — over and over. Americans are mesmerized and seduced by fame and repetition.

Always Attack the Press and journalists — Most of our followers distrust, and in fact, seldom read newspapers or follow the news. They feel insecure about their ignorance. When you attack the news they feel justified in being ill informed. Keep them that way. Attack, attack, attack. They will love you for this and it will condition them to be totally on board when we shut those outlets down or take them over. Our friendly media will reliably help with our anti-media messaging.

Sow distrust for the judicial system as it stands We need to restock the Supreme Court and federal judgeships and prosecutors with our people and multiply the power of the Executive office. Only appoint those who will perfectly do our bidding — there is no shortage of these. We can provide lists. With the Supreme Court and Federal judges in our pocket we will be able to do anything. Successful models are present day Poland, Turkey, and of course, Russia. I will send you briefs. The same goes for the present day security apparatus. We will replace leadership at the CIA, NSA, and FBI. Discrediting and removing Comey is just a start.

Dismantle and/or Cripple Key Agencies — We need Betsy’s equivalent at the head of all regulatory agencies. This is a must to keep our most powerful supporters supportive. The EPA, FDA, arms, and climate accords, must be decimated as well as all restrictions on exploration and extractions.

Use Floaters — Before initiating major policy, pre-float the idea using disposable lower functionaries (they will be rewarded). If there is great blowback they can be repudiated and we will await a more propitious time.

Keep Doing What You Are Already Great At — As you know, praising yourself, and your work, works! Keep talking up your own greatness, the greatness of your staff, administration, and America — people eat it up.

Stay Confident — No Matter What — Know, we have your back, absolutely! Whatever happens, however the press or opposition politicians berate you, or may seem to get the upper hand, don’t let it get to you. We have strategies to put in place in even the worst circumstances that are foolproof. Worry not, we will not, and cannot, fail.

I hope these notes prove useful. Any questions let me know.

To the amazing days ahead,



Endnote: This astonishing document may be false, though I suspect it is genuine. Not only does the content predict what did happen; it finally explains Trump’s often bewildering actions as part of a historical strategy which I, for one, knew nothing about. (see Always Keep Moving above). It also sounds to my ear like Steve Bannon’s rather arrogant, sometimes obscene, self-satisfied voice.

Bekah and Bob” no doubt, refer to Rebekah and Bob Mercer who Bannon worked for at both Cambridge Analytica and Breitbart News, and who were instrumental in getting Trump elected, as well as getting Bannon his position as White House chief strategist until he fell afoul of Trump (and the Mercers) in August 2017. Here’s a strange thought — could an embittered Bannon himself be the “primary source?” It would fit his vengeful M.O. Another possibility is that this could be a Bannon “Floater” which he might use (by either confirming or denying the document) to pressure Trump for a pardon. “Betsy” almost certainly refers to Betsy DeVos,Trump’s Secretary of Education. (E.W.)

Was a psychotherapist, photographer, would-be writer for many years; musician/songwriter for very few years. Also a committed long-time vegan.