image by Eric G. Weiner

By Eric G. Weiner

It took years to create. Two hundred years were spent in rancorous debates, philosophical conflict, building and breaking down idealogical alliances, and anthropological research. When a consensus was finally formed another 75 years were spent on finessing the necessary genetic techniques that were necessary to accomplish the task. Finally the day arrived.

He was born.

The cameras were ready, the people awaited the beginning of their new world. A world that would finally be a departure from all that went before, humanities greatest hope for the future; perhaps its last chance at survival.

He emerged from the carefully chosen womb wet and slimy as we all begin.

On contacting the cold steel table on which he was placed he wriggled with discomfort. But no cries or screams emerged to announce his “healthy lungs” or to mourn the fact that he was “born to this stage of fools” as Shakespeare once remarked. He made no sound at all, because he could not. He was born without vocal chords by design.

His fingers did not curl and uncurl seeking to grasp. He was born without hands. His toes did not curl and uncurl, he was born with very small feet and these had no toes.

His eyes did not scan around trying to take in his surroundings, instead they stared fixedly ahead. His visual cortex and prefrontal lobes were deliberately designed to be rudimentary. He did have a large penis and equally large testicles. All his reproductive and sexual functions were excellent. His lack of hands and useful feet meant he would forever be dependent on the kindness of strangers. He was, in fact, a better man.

A great milestone had been achieved…. Finally.