The biggest con of all time

By Eric G. Weiner

The sad bit is you were conned by the people you loved and trusted most in your life… your parents. Mind you, they were just unwittingly passing the con along as it had been passed along to them. The entire con has been going on for at least a million years. And it is a con without conscious connivers.

How is this possible?

It is evolution at work. The process of “natural selection” works just as well within a culture as it does in nature. Once a particular cultural direction…

image by Benigno Hoyuela

The other day I watched a documentary about the space station. Several astronauts mentioned how they were struck by the visual fact that there was no way to discern national or state boundaries from space. There are land masses, but no lines of division as we see on maps and globes. Of course, this seems obvious, but is not, as the astronaut's remarks show. We are so used to looking at maps, and living in our separate countries, that we think these divisions are real rather than very recent artificial inventions, and very destructive ones at that.

Nationalism is a…

Trial of Donald Trump

By Eric G. Weiner

Prosecutor: “Mr. Trump, would you state your full name for the sake of the court?”

Trump: “Uh, that is President Trump if you don’t mind.”

Prosecutor: “I’m sorry, for the purposes of this court, and the factual record, you are no longer the President of the United States. So please state your full name.”

Trump: “I am still the President of the United States of America and I demand the respect I deserve as the President of the United States. Who are you anyway? Have you ever been President? …

Is The United States Committing Suicide?

By Eric G. Weiner

I am no historian, nor scholar, so I will leave it to more qualified people to provide supportive evidence to this highly speculative idea. I did however; work for 30 years as a psychotherapist, and so have some insight into the workings of the human psyche. To suppose this can apply to an entire nation is, of course, presumptuous. …

Eric G.Weiner

It is coming up from the dark depths. It is rising and has deadly teeth. We swim merrily unaware on the surface, we splash, and we laugh, and throw Frisbees to each other, and frolic in the surf. But it is coming, and it is coming up fast.

Fifty three percent of Republicans presently think that Donald Trump is still the legitimate president of the United States. This also means 53 percent think Biden is illegally in office — the result of a stolen election. Despite all attempts by Trump and his cohorts to subvert that election, and…

illustration by Ed Emshwiller

Capital Melee — Is Something Missing?

By Eric G. Weiner

So the excitement is over… for now, until the next deadly outrage erupts. The questions, the self-righteousness, and respinning of events, of positions taken, are in full force. It wasn’t Trump supporters, it was Antifa pretending to be his supporters, It wasn’t Trump’s fault, it was all the Democrat’s doing.

Trump is no villain; he is a poor soul, valiantly trying to save America from:

a) The “deep state”, (whoever and wherever they may be), b) rabid vaccinators who, like Bill Gates, are really doing this to embed microchips in…

By Eric G. Weiner

“Reckless endangerment is a crime consisting of acts that create a substantial risk of serious physical injury to another person. The accused person isn’t required to intend the resulting or potential harm, but must have acted in a way that showed a disregard for the foreseeable consequences of the actions.” US

Thanks to Trump and his Republican enablers, the United States is now a powder keg ready to go off as a dangerous idiot waves around a blow-torch. And we are letting him.

There are laws against falsely yelling fire in a packed theatre. Why…

photo by Eric G. Weiner

By Eric G. Weiner

Well hallelujah, Biden and Harris seem to have won, and barring nefarious moves by Trump and company, they will assume office in January. However we should not celebrate too soon or allow complacency to set in. In four, or possibly, eight years, people will have grown disillusioned with yet another neo-liberal regime that basically favors the rich and the corporate world over all else. And what will be on offer ? — Donald Trump, his horrible son, or yet another demagogue who can probably still count on the frightened white vote and the still downtrodden working…

from original photo by Pablo Padila courtesy of Unsplash

By Eric G. Weiner

I am so sick of this hypocrisy. Trump whose closest aids and associates have been convicted of lying and election felonies, keeps talking of election fraud.

Lest we forget:

Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen, guilty among other things of campaign finance violations, Michael Flynn, National Security Advisor, guilty of lying to the FBI about his secret pre-election discussions with Russia, Rick Gates, Trump campaign official, guilty of lying to the FBI and Conspiracy Against the United States, Paul Manaforte, Trump Campaign Chairman, guilty of Conspiracy Against the United States, Bank Fraud, and Obstruction of Justice, Campaign…

by Eric G. Weiner

America has had its fair share of unscrupulous politicians, in fact one might be hard put to find the few that truly retain clear principles. Politicians, like lawyers, are often distrusted for a reason. They too often view their jobs as fighting for those who pay their way — these days, that means the very wealthy, and the powerful corporations. This has gotten worse as campaign contribution limits have been ruled out of existence — oh, and who ruled them out? Those same politicians (and their backers) who benefit from the result.

Not surprisingly a great…

Eric Weiner

Was a psychotherapist, photographer, would-be writer for many years; musician/songwriter for very few years. Also a committed long-time vegan.

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